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R&D Center

Zhongshuo co., ltd. established R&D center in Beijing Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has a talent pool from famous universities with doctors degree at home and abroad. Including drug synthesis team, analysis and preparation team. It is equiped with advanced R&D equipment , standardized site and established strict scientific management system.

Since the establishment of the R&D center, Zhongshuo has always been pursuing the enterprise development as its concept of "innovation as the driving force, technology , and product as the core". It has been continuously carrying out R&D in the field of new molecular entities and new pharmaceutical processes. At present, it has obtained a number of research achievements such as authorized invention patents, pharmaceutical processes and new products.

The company's laboratory covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, with analysis and testing center, GMP workshop, synthesis laboratory. The analysis and test center is equipped with 20 sets of HPLC (shimazu, agilent and waters), GC, UV, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, osmotic pressure detector, automatic potential titrator, automatic moisture meter, melting point meter, intelligent dissolution meter, constant temperature and humidity chamber and other perfect facilities for drug analysis and detection.

API R&D center standardized laboratory which can meet the technical development requirements from pilot study to pilot production optimization. At present, it has three reactors of 50L, one reactor of 100L, several reactors below 20L and one high-pressure hydrogenation reactor. It has set up an industrial production plant in Hengshui, Hebei. with a scale of 200L ~ 1000L reaction kettle, which can realize the technical transformation from laboratory to factory and complete the industrial mass production of products.

Preparation R&D center to ensure that the process can achieve industrialization as the key point, the company has specialized on technological transformation of the GMP workshop, is the only company with the experimental base of the research institute, all equipment fit for the demand of industrial equipment including high-speed rotary tablet press, three dimensional hybrid particles machine, high shear granulator, efficient, fluidized bed, centrifugal granulator, extrusion machine rolling, such as micronization pilot solid preparation equipment; Automatic sterilizer, ampoule sealing machine and other liquid preparation production equipment realize seamless connection from laboratory process to industrial process.

Based on the domestic drugs demand, the company will develop more API process, more safe and effective drugs products to improve human health quality for the development of China's pharmaceutical industry and unremitting efforts!

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